Monday, March 15, 2010

Epic Redemption!

You'll get your comics in a bit, nerdlies.

This is a story about spelling bees. Story about good, story about bad.

In 8th grade I got out in on 'camouflage' but I didn't feel so bad because the 7th graders got the word list but we didn't but I was still a threat and I ended in 2nd place.

In college, I got out on 'dilapidated' and ended in 3rd place, and I got a UP license plate. (I would have won if I had gotten it right, because my next word was 'bauxite' and his next word was 'accouchement' and the 3rd guy was not a threat.)

Two weeks ago, I got out on the first round word 'dairy.' SHHHHHHHH.


This week I had fanbase and housemates and friends and my goodness my Guinness I was sure I would get out soon if not immediately. But then!

Round One: foreign
Round Two: lozenge
Round Three: umpirage
Round Four: emanometer (I got out on it. BUT SO DID EVERYONE ELSE. The entire 10+ people all got their words wrong, so we all came back.)
Round Four: quagga
Round Five: crwth (this round narrows it down to two)
Round Six: kakorrhaphiophobia (I got that one wrong but she was wrong too)
Round Six: prosopagnosia (I got that one wrong but she was wrong too)
Round Five: teosinte (I got it wrong, she got gentileness right, she wins)


(2nd place prize is a $5 gift certificate to Mississippi Pizza)
(3rd place prize is you're fired)


Tynan said...

How is that a final round work?
I call bullsh*t on that, sis!

But serious CONGRATS on placing.
I always new you were special.

Aestro said...

It was some total BS! Tagmeme was pretty damn easy for a 5th rounder, too.

Still, you TOTALLY won the crowd over with crwth.

connal said...

I think the gift certificate beats a set of steak knives

Nicole said...

You got out on "dairy", but know "bauxite".
Fidget fidget.