Friday, May 28, 2010

Short List: Songs about Masturbation

1. Barrel of a Gun - Guster

2. Turning Japanese - The Vapors

3. Liquid Dreams - O-Town

4. I Touch Myself - The Divynls

Short List: Songs with Phone Noises

1. You're Never There - Cake

2. Plástico - JD Natasha

3. As Soon As I Hang Up the Phone - Conway Twitty & Loretta Lynn

4. Pretty Little Think - Fink

5. My Baby - Lil Romeo

6. Telephone Line - ELO

7. The Call - Backstreet Boys

8. Telephone - Lada Gaga & Beyonce

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Short List: Movies about Awkward People Falling in Love That I Love

1. Amelie (2001) Amelie Poulain & Nino Quimcampoix

2. Punchdrunk Love (2002) Barry Egan & Lena Leonard

3. Stranger Than Fiction (2006) Harold Crick & Ana Pascal

4. Eagle Vs Shark (2007) Lily & Jarrod

5. Brothers Bloom (2008) Bloom & Penelope

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Monthly Wallpaper: June 2010

This is the first desktop wallpaper I've ever made, and I'm not in love with it, but it means that when I do have a concept or image I love, I can do a better job. It is 1280x800 because those are the dimensions for my lovely Vade Mecum and that is what matters.

Fictional Real Estate: Endor

I would live on a moon. Moons are cute.
I would live in a treehouse. That would be cute.
I could hug the ewoks. They would frown and fuss but that would just make it more cute.
I would be living in a forest, very similar to the Pacific NW in terms of weather. (try London weather to get "It's like Endor out there.") Probably would not burn.
The a capella version of their celebration song is cute.
One time in a comic book about ewoks, Wicket uses a hang glider? That sounds fun.

Very basic society, no technology
Occasionally invaded, only spears for defense.
Seems like the whole living experience would be a lot like camping.
Very little candy. Probably a lot of roots and plants in the diet.
It might be awkward if I was the only human among ewoks. Better bring a buddy.
Re: the last concern, I would probably have to bend down a lot and would hit my head on things and their life and attire would not look as cute on a full-sized human.

Final Thoughts:
I would totally move to Endor.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Friday, May 14, 2010

Short List: Tourniquet Songs

1. Tourniquet - Evanescence

2. Save Me - Aimee Mann

3. Tourniquet - Marilyn Manson

Short List: Werewolf Songs

1. Wolf Like Me - TV on the Radio

2. She Wolf - Shakira

3. Werewolves of London - Warren Zevon

4. Clap for the Wolfman - Guess Who

5. Werewolf Bar Mitzvah - Tracy Jordan

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Short List: Songs of the Mail

1. Please Mister Postman - The Marvelettes

2. Some Postman - Presidents of the United States of America

3. Return to Sender - Elvis Presley

4. All My Loving - The Beatles

5. Mail Myself to you - Woody Guthrie

6. Another Postcard - Barenaked Ladies

7. The Letter - Joe Cocker

8. Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours - Stevie Wonder

9. P.S. I Love You - Nellie McKay

Confusing List: Marvel Skin Colors

Red Skull
Human Torch

The Thing






Silver Surfer


Confusing List: Spiderman Green VS X-Men Blue

Green Themed Spiderman Villains
Doctor Octopus
The Lizard
Green Goblin

Blue Themed X-Men Related Characters

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Side Project: Periodic Symbol Words

Once upon a time I fell deeply in love with the periodic elements, the table, Dmitri Mendeleev, the symbols, everything. I have several other side projects that involve the elements, but this little one comes from the fact that I once sat in a classroom to the right of center so that I was right in front of a poster of the elements, not the teacher. It made me remember that years before I had tried to make as many dirty words as I could out of the periodic symbols. Anyway, at one point I had a philosophy class in this clasroom and I spelled FEuErBaCH which looks impressive.

Recently I started collecting this list of words that can be spelled with the element symbols on wordnik under the tag "periodic symbol words."

I also recently found a seller on who seems to specialize in element-related jewelry named ShopGibberish.

Anyway, this is a running interest in my life, and during these recent events it occurred to me that it is possible to spell the names of elements with symbols from other elements (sometimes using the symbol of the element itself, which is fine) The challenge is that most elements end in "-um" and that is not a possibly combination in the symbols. In the end, I was able to create 10/118 elements out of symbols. Here is my proof:

Short List: Lovers Quarrel Property Damage Songs

1. Breaking Dishes - Rihanna

2. Bust Your Windows - Glee Cast

3. Kiss With a Fist - Florence and the Machine

4. Many Shades of Black - The Raconteurs

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Poem by Dorothea Grossman

I just heard it on Poetry Off the Shelf podcast but I can't find a transcription online so I've made one of my own:

I love you as if it’s World War II
And you’ve just been called up
It’s raining hard
And I’m wearing a sensational goodbye hat

You can read 9 more of her poems on the Poetry Foundation website here.

Short List: Fahrenheit Songs

1. Fever - Peggy Lee

2. Don't Stop Me Now - Queen

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Short List: Tattoos I Won't Get

I'm never getting a tattoo, but if I did, it would be words in the upper middle part of my back. Centered. Symmetry is important.

Candidates Never To Be Elected:

a. E Pur Si Muove
b. Satyagraha

Monday, May 3, 2010

Spelling Bee: Whatever

1. hoax
2. concoction
3. sacrilegious
4. proneur
5. naumachy (spelled it wrong)
6. dolioform (spelled it wrong)
7. aquarellist (spelled it wrong)

I tied for 3rd.