Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fictional Real Estate: Endor

I would live on a moon. Moons are cute.
I would live in a treehouse. That would be cute.
I could hug the ewoks. They would frown and fuss but that would just make it more cute.
I would be living in a forest, very similar to the Pacific NW in terms of weather. (try London weather to get "It's like Endor out there.") Probably would not burn.
The a capella version of their celebration song is cute.
One time in a comic book about ewoks, Wicket uses a hang glider? That sounds fun.

Very basic society, no technology
Occasionally invaded, only spears for defense.
Seems like the whole living experience would be a lot like camping.
Very little candy. Probably a lot of roots and plants in the diet.
It might be awkward if I was the only human among ewoks. Better bring a buddy.
Re: the last concern, I would probably have to bend down a lot and would hit my head on things and their life and attire would not look as cute on a full-sized human.

Final Thoughts:
I would totally move to Endor.

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Valeyith said...

I would live there too. Have you seen Ewok Adventures?!