Friday, May 28, 2010

Short List: Songs about Masturbation

1. Barrel of a Gun - Guster

2. Turning Japanese - The Vapors

3. Liquid Dreams - O-Town

4. I Touch Myself - The Divynls


Kimchi(ed) said...

No "Relax". ???????
Also, you've ruined these other classics for me. I might have already known, but now there's no

Aestro said...

No blister in the sun? Dancing with myself? This could very easily be a full list or even a catalog.

THiNK TaNK said...

Okay okay, clearly I should not have entered this arena. I was at work, it was Friday, 'Liquid Dreams' came up on my iToca and I giggled about the idea and so here is the post.

I now see that greater experts have made a huge list, with a list of 'honorable mentions' at the bottom. This is not a short list.

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