Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Songs I Could Sing at Karaoke From Hell

Karaoke From Hell is something that happens at Tiger Bar and Dante's where you sing karaoke in front of a live band. I have looked at their extensive song list, and these are the songs I believe I could pull off. This list is for me for later for reference.

The Band – The Weight (but better with harmony)
Beatles – Honey Pie
Pat Benatar - Heartbreaker
Elvis Costello – Peace Love and Understanding
Cream – Sunshine of Your Love (but better with harmony)
Joe Jackson – Is She Really Going Out With Him?
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts - I Hate Myself for Loving You
Cyndi Lauper – Time After Time
Peggy Lee – Big Spender
Peggy Lee - Fever
Roy Orbison – You Got It
Pixies – Where is My Mind?
Tracy Bonham - Mother, Mother
Traveling Wilburys – Handle Me With Care


Tynan said...

I still wanna big-up your performance of many shades of black during the last RB marathon. Now I can only hear you singing it in my head

THiNK TaNK said...

Gee thanks, mister. I feel like all the playlists I'm making up right now incorporate that song.

Aestro said...

Aw, hell yeah! Time to start training on the cues!

(also just remembered I got The Band's greatest hits last month)