Sunday, September 19, 2010

Short List: Girl Names Ending In -ia

Lotsa times in Roman times, the children would be named after the father. For boys this meant duplication, and for girls it often meant changing the '-us' to '-a' in Claudius to Claudia, Julius to Julia, Flavius to Flavia, etc. I know this because of Rotten Romans by Terry Deary. This playlist is somewhat related to that fact.

1. Antonia - Motion City Soundtrack

2. Cecilia - Simon and Garfunkel

3. Cynthia - Millionyoung

4. Daria - Cake

5. Eugenia - Scott Joplin

6. Gloria - Van Morrison

7. O Valencia! - The Decemberists

8. Victoria - Jukebox the Ghost

9. Dancing Virginia - Jump, Little Children

10. I'm Coming Virginia - Artie Shaw

1 comment:

Aestro said...

Short list?

Here are a few my collection turned up:

The Beatles - Julia
Blondie - Maria
Andrew Bird - Vidalia (not the onion)
St. Apollonia - Beirut
Felicia - Blues Traveller
Victoria - The Kinks
Victoria - Old 97's

And then of course there's Ave Maria.