Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Elsewhere on the Internet: Geek the Library

Geek the Library is a site meant to promote libraries, to emphasize that they need our support, and continued funding. I liked the concept instantly, so I decided my thing is "I geek word origins." I wrote up a little explanation and submitted it, but then I read other entries... and then all talk about their geekery and then how the libraries are vital for supporting their continued geekery. What a foolish panda. Anyway, it seems like a good site, and I haven't done anything for the site or libraries recently, but I think it's a good angle to try to attack the problem.

I don't know how I heard about this site, but it initially reminded me of "It's a Sickness" which has lovely Alan Cumming as its MC, which makes it extra wonderful.


Julius Vision said...

Hey I checked out the website but how did you get that picture image of your geek?

TankHughes said...

Ah yes! It's in the same section where you would buy gear. Click 'Get your Geek On' then 'Geek the Library Gear' and it leads you to a page where you fill in your particular obsession, and you can then download it as a variety of images. I also grabbed a wallpaper version.

Good luck!