Friday, February 11, 2011

Short Lists: Body Part Color Songs

1. Red Eye - Ben Kweller

2. Green Eyes - Coldplay

3. Brown Eyed Handsome Man - Nina Simone

4. Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison

5. White Knuckles - OK Go

6. Blue in the Face - Alkaline Trio

7. I Have Red Hair - Ginny and the Heartbreakers

8. Red Right Hand - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

9. Red Right Ankle - The Decemberists

10. My Coloring Book - Kitty Kallen

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Aestro said...

The Who - Behind Blue Eyes
Avett Brothers have a song called "Those Green Eyes"
Captain Beefheart - Her Eyes are a Blue Million Miles

The Chairlift song "Bruises" was in an Apple commercial, and it's about a girl's knees being black and blue (and at one point pink).

There are a lot of eye color songs.