Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Elsewhere on the Internet: Secret Word Game!


Every Wednesday morning starting around 9:30am, @Wordnik gives out clues for a secret word on that has a pronounciation by "hap_e_wordnik" (see screen shot below). They give out 3 or 4 clues, each of which describes a different definition that the uncommon or obsolete word has. As soon as someone gets the right word, the game ends. If no one gets it by the end of the clues, they give a *BONUS CLUE* which usually has quotations around letters, meaning the word is an anagram of those letters.

Today's bonus clue included the quoted letters "new lid" which I anagrammed into the correct answer! I've been able to do the final sudden-death anagram part before, but always sent my response after one or more people had already figured it out. This week, I was the first! I won! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

They will be mailing a prize to me which was previously secret and unknown to me, but now I will reveal it! (I hope that's okay)

It's a notebook with and other words on the cover! It's so cute. It's going to be so cute I won't feel worthy to put my little lists in it, but I will do it anyway.

Thanks, Wordnik! I feel so nifty now. <3


The Epyon Avenger said...

Kick-ass! Congrats panda!

Ed Cormany said...

important: do not get bored and start reading the words on there during important classes / meetings / other places where you are not expected to burst out laughing.