Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Short List: OK Songs

Today is being declared as OK Day by the author of a new book about the word OK. The word OK was first published on March 23, 1839. It is a fanciful acronym for the intentionally misspelled 'oll korrect.' Really. You can learn about OK Day suggested activities at the Facebook page.

1. Oh Well, Okay - Elliot Smith
2. Is This Sound Okay? - Coconut Records
3. Is It Okay if I Call You Mine? - Sondre Lerche
4. Pony (It's OK) - Erin McCarley
5. It's Ok - Dead Moon
6. Luna Lovegood is OK - Harry and the Potters
7. Oklahoma - Oklahoma!
8. Everything's Okay - Hank Williams
9. It's OK - Cee-Lo Green
10. Ok/No Way - Mission of Burma
11. (OK Go)


John Baker said...

3 more!

Hank Williams-Everything's Okay
Cee-Lo Green-It's OK
Mission of Burma-Ok/No Way

TankHughes said...

Thanks! They've been added.