Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Someday Bee: Somebody Won!

ME! I'm the one who won! I rock! Go me! It was pretty cool, A 3-time winner, myself, Robert, and a supersmart pregnant lady all going for the $50 bucks but inexpicably ME WON. YAYYYYYY I GOT TO HOLD THE BIG CHECK!

1. kiln
2. gherkin
3. sepulchre/ sepulcher (apparently I naturally prefer the British spelling)
4. monocoque
5. acrocyanosis (I spelled it wrong but so did everyone else)
6. interregnum
7. diaphanous



Michael Grove said...

What the fuck, dude! That check is unreasonably large! I suggest you find some proportionally sized orphans and hand it off, lest giants beset you in the night!

TankHughes said...

They don't let you keep the check, you just get to take a silly picture with it, then they give you $50 in cash on the sly. :)