Monday, April 26, 2010

Spelling Bee: I Will Buy You A Vowel

1. purse
2. amend
3. epoch
4. farouche
5. capoeira
6. axolotl (spelled it wrong)
7. coulibiac (spelled it wrong)
8. ascaris (spelled it wrong)
9. sheitel (spelled it wrong)

MAN, it is painful to have to keep spelling after you get so many wrong. I ended up in 3rd place. Robert was once again victorious, good job Robert.

The guy from Everclear was there, which was slightly surreal like a boring dream. I got 3rd place and a drink ticket.

1 comment:

Aestro said...

Tap, Tap the ketchup bottle
None will come, then axolotl!

"Do you kow what an axolotl is? It is a kind of prehistoric half-salamander, half-puppy that is kept in some countries as a disgusting pet."